About one and a half kilometres from the town walls, to the north from the amphitheatre, in the Milišići hamlet, there is another, extremely important, cemetery complex, known as Marusinac. In the mid nineteenth century, F. Carrara tried verifying some remains and incidental finds on this plot of land by exploring a few grids. While doing that, he discovered a mosaic. Quite some time later, he discovered an inscription of the presbyter Ivan, stated in the text as the protector of the memory of the martyr Anastasius (… sancti Anastasii servans reverenda limina…). This explained which martyr was buried here. It was Anastasius, who, according to the legend, arrived from Aquilea to preach the new religion in Salona at the time of the prosecutions.

Marusinac was excavated by F. Bulić and L. Jelić, from 1892, with interruptions, to 1910, finding many details, completed more systematically by subsequent excavations by firstly R. Egger, F. Bulić and M. Abramić, and then by E. Dyggve in 1929-1930.

It has been concluded that here, at the beginning of the 4th century, a rich Salonitan family buried the body of a martyr on their land. The martyr was Anastasius of Aquilea, executed just like the Christians buried at Kapljuč, during the Diocletian’s persecutions of 304. The large private mausoleum had a crypt with an apse, on which was placed the martyr’s sarcophagus, whereas in the atrium the Christian woman Asclepia and her husband were buried. In the upper part of the building, there was chamber for burial rituals and worshiping the martyr. Besides the mausoleum, there are two basilicas at Marusinac, one with an open middle nave - roofless (the so-called basilica discoperta or sine tecto) with narthex and atrium, open space between them and the Christian cemetery surrounding it.

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