Sport and recreation


If you would like your holiday to be active, Solin is the perfect place for recreation and sport. You can on long walks, go jogging, cycling or participate in other recreational sports.


Do you like going on long walks?

Gospin otok on the Jadro River is the perfect place for spending time with your family. With plenty of trees and plants and little ducks swimming on the beautiful Jadro River, you will find calm and tranquility away the city noise.

Would you like to take a walk in Solin and enjoy cultural attractions at the same time?

Visit the archaeological site of Salona and walk the same trails that the Emperor Diocletian walked when he was a boy.


If you prefer more demanding recreational routes or hiking trails, we recommend the Solin hiking trail.
The route starts in the suburb of Solin, Ninčevići, then goes up to the Kozjak cliff by the Škrabutina slope across the peak of St. George to the visible, but relatively rarely visited area that can be described as a hiking "grey area" - Bobanova and Markezina greda. The trail continues over the Klis notch and fortress and the eastern part of Kozjak and Debelo brdo, and descends to the villages of Kučine and Mravince, finally ending on the Sutikva Hill above the new Solin cemetery.

The route has 20 mandatory checkpoints and one optional at the Nugal semi-cave on the Kozjak cliff near Škrabutina, secured by a steel cable and bolts, but still not recommended for unexperienced hikers. The cables and the bolts facilitate the hike at several other spots on the route.
The trail has partially been neglected due to bushfires, and it has become completely overgrown in the area above Solin, between Kučinski dolci towards Gradina above Kučine and the Church of St Peter.

Another interesting trail is the one over the Kozjak Ridge - beginning from Rupotine over a trail called Male skale, it ends on the Kozjak Ridge where there are beautiful views of Solin, Mosor, Split and the whole Kaštela Bay. You continue over the peak of St George and then over the ridge until descending by the Split trail secured by bolts, through Škrabutina to Ninčević, from where you can reach the starting point by taking the fire trail. This part was also damaged in the last bushfires, but since it was less forested, it has remained passable.
An interesting trail is also the one maintained by the Split Hiking Club, from the Vranjača Caves to the peak of Vickov stup on the Mosor Mountain (4-hour hike).

We recommend that you contact the club and hire a guide for all of the mentioned trails.
Apart from the trekking paths, the area surrounding Solin is good for climbing - well-maintained climbing areas with markings are located in the area of Markezina grede and Rupotina.


If you prefer to relax by playing tennis, there are several tennis courts with accompanying services (cafe, sauna, massage...) located in the eastern part of Solin near the Jadro River. Learn more about the tennis courts Tenis Dalmacijacement.

Street workout park Solin

Association Street workout park Solin was established in 19.04.2015. Solin. The purpose of the Association is to promote street workout in Solin, in Croatia and the world, making street workout parks in the area of Solin, participation, organization and management in sporting events, health care and health protection of the Association members and the teaching and training of all members of the Association at the same time and all other concerned citizens of Solin and beyond. Street workout park in Solin is located at Bilankuša in the vicinity of the police station.

Cycling in Solin

If during your stay in Solin you would like to enjoy cycling and sightseeing of natural and cultural heritage, we suggest you to use following routes. Bike map can be obtained at alltrails.com

Cycling route "Blaca"

Starting point of route no.81 under the name “Blaca” is the city centre (park Širina) with map and information of the route together with bicycle stand.

From the city centre route continues through main city street Zvonimirova to the walking path along river Jadro which leads to Gašpina watermill from 18th century. From the mill, route crosses the Put Majdana street and continues with Kliška street to Ninčevići where it crosses Trpimirova street and continues through Rupotine and Ninčevići settlement along Ante Starčevića street up to the crossroad to Blaca where it continues its path to the village Blaca. There are 3 resting places on the route, one at the very beginning of the route, at the middle and at the end in village Blaca. The length of this route is 9,50 km and it is part of the cycling route of Split dalmatia county in cooperation with Bike association of Split Dalmatian county.

Cycling route "Salona"

The route 80 under the name of “Salona” has length of 14,50 km and starts from the same point in the city centre as route “Blaca” at park Širina. From the city centre route continues through main city street Zvonimirova to the walking path along river Jadro which leads to Gašpina watermill from 18th century, and passes by fortress Gradina from ottoman period. From the mill, route continues by Put Majdana street, passing by the Hollow Church, a coronation basilica of king Zvonimir.
From this point route continues to the source of river Jadro, and returns on the same street (Put Majdan) to the archeological site Salona. After sightseeing of Salona, route continues to peninsula Vranjic and returns to the starting point.

Paintball Salona Mravince

Paintball Club Salona was founded on the 12th April in 2005, and since then has been successfully cooperating with clients from year to year! The club offers equipment rental, organized teambuildings, and all this at an attractive wooded terrain in Mravince, only 10 minutes from the center of Split. In the last 15-20 years Paintball is the most interesting extreme sport that is played in the natural environment in around 40 countries around the world. It is based on adrenalin and fun among the players. It strengthens the spirit and character of the players, teaches teamwork, builds self-confidence and develops one's own initiative. Try it yourself, one of the most extreme sports today, paintball! Spend an afternoon in the comfortable surroundings of the natural terrain and playing team sport full of adrenaline!

Zipline Kozjak / Split

The 3 hour Adventure has 6 zips in total lenght of 2500 meters and one 90 meters suspension bridge trought pine trees.
While waiting between each zip, you will enjoy amazing views of Dalmatic inland and the Adriatic sea.
Your professionally trained tour guides offer education and fun throughout your nature walks over the mount Kozjak.

web: Zipline

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