Collection of exhibits from the Homeland War


Over the last two decades, the town of Solin has experienced a significant process of urbanization due to the construction of many facilities suitable for a modern urban environment. However, Solin still lacks many wanted objects, including the military museum and the Museum of the Homeland War.

Considering that the town of Solin is a settlement that had great significance both in ancient times and in the early Croatian history, as well as in modern history, Solin deserves a military museum that would have exhibits of weapons and uniforms from all those time periods.

Unfortunately, it is not possible to immediately establish a museum that Solin deserves during an economic crisis. However, it is possible to start from exhibiting weapons and uniforms belonging to us volunteers and other veterans from the Homeland War. That is how we began formulating the idea of first establishing the Museum of the Homeland War which could then be the foundation for the development of the Solin military museum we want.

It should be pointed out that the Museum of the Homeland War already has a great significance in itself as one of its roles is the development of patriotic and libertarian feelings in young generations, as well as the preservation of memories of the famous units of volunteers of the Homeland War who used the current exhibits or were captured in the war.

After completing the activities of collecting the basic and most necessary exhibits that will be part of the permanent structure of the future Museum of the Homeland War, we considered it convenient and appropriate to organize this exhibition right now and show these exhibits to an interested and curious part of the public, especially students and other young people.

President of the Association of Volunteers and Veterans of the Homeland War of the Republic of Croatia (UHBDDR), Solin branch, Hari Ninčević

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